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Crystal Surface Series

Here at Europe Unique Marketing, we have a huge selection of the best crystal surface series flooring around and below is just a small sample of our available products.In addition, our Crystal Surface Flooring comply with International Quality Standards and their quality and durability are fully guaranteed.


1215*195*7mm, 1215*195*8.3
Abrasion resistance:AC3, AC4


10pcs/box, 2.3693sqm/box


8pcs/box, 1.8954sqm/box


a. Anti-abrasive Protective Overlay

The anti-abrasive overlay consists of milions of alumilium oxide
particles per square foot which act as the deterrent againts
scuff, scratches and wear.

b. Melamine impregnate Decorative Layer

The decorative layer is impregnated with melamine resin and
is available in various colours and designs.

c. Balancing Layer For Dimensional Stability

The balancing layer on the back surface balance up the board
to provide it with good dimensional stability. It is impenetrable by
water. Thus acting as moisture barrier for the floor.

d. Superior Water-Resistant HDF

The HDF is of extremely high density (>880kg/m3), making it superior
over other materials in hardness and shock resistance.

e. Easy-installing Click System

Milled to perfection by high precision German machinery. This
superb interlocking mechanism provides a strong and glueness joint,
therefore enhancing the floor durability and aesthethic. Mechanical
joint strong is as high as 6800N (700kg/m).



For connecting floor with adjecent lower surface (carpet. PVC. and so on).



For transtion between floors of the same level.


End Molding

For proper borders of different floor levels in front of adjacent sills. This or other raising.


Staircase Profile

For staircase nosing cover at the edge between the raise and step.



For covering expansion gap at the edges along the walls.



Technical properties


Characteristic / Result

Abrasion test En 13329 AC3
Thickness Swelling Text EN 13329 59% swelling
Stain-Resistance En 13329 Rating 5 (No visible change)
Cigarette Test En 13329 Degree 5 (No visible change)
Fade-Resistance En 13329 Level 6 (No discoloration)
Fire Classification DIN 4102 Flame rotordant B1
Roller/Castors chairs Resistance EN 426 No visible damage
Simulated Pushing of Furniture Log En 424 No visible damage
Impact Resistance En 13329 IC1 (Domestic use)